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Using Aromatherapy for a Good Night's Sleep

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention published a study finding that about 35% of Americans suffer from sleep deprivation. The effects of losing sleep are detrimental to the overall well being of the person as well as to society. Repeated sleep deprivation will lead to “sleep debt”. Long-term “sleep debt” can have consequential unfavorable effects on health, including: 

  •     Weakened immune system
  •     Loss of muscle coordination
  •     Obesity and weight gain
  •     Loss of Libido
  •     Irritability and loss of concentration
  •     Premature aging
  •     Increased risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart attack

Importance of Sleep


Sleep is as important as breathing and drinking water. It is during sleep that your body gets rid of the toxins out of your body, repairs damaged cells and restores bodily functions. Lack of sleep has been one of the many causes of road accidents involving truck drivers who are overly fatigued on the work. Your occasional flu, cough, and colds may be the result of a weakened immune system brought about by successive nights of lacking sleep. Sleep deprivation also affects the way you think, reason, feel and understand everyday things. A sleep-deprived individual may be exhibiting irritability, moodiness, and rushed decision making. Lack of sleep increases your heart rate that could also lead to heart attack among other things.

Using Aromatherapy to Achieve A Good Night’s Sleep Every night


Anyone who smells the aroma of freshly baked cookies knows how the power of smell can instantly evoke feelings of niceness. The olfactory nerves in the nose send signals to the part of the brain responsible for mood and memory. This is the reason why certain smells make you feel nostalgic over some familiar scents and change your disposition instantly.

Aromatherapy works as a therapeutic way using the power of smell. Certified aromatherapists use essential oils to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils have different purposes to the body including boosting the mood, relieving minor aches, and most especially preparing you for good night’s sleep. Adjust your bedtime habits by incorporating essential oils that promote calm and serenity in your room. Practice your mind and olfactory system to associate certain scents to falling asleep.

Worrisome Thoughts

Many people report that thoughts on family, money, events and other worrisome thoughts have been causing them sleepless nights. Earth Vibes Lemon Essential Oil and Bergamot Essential Oil have been used to effectively dissipate stressful thoughts away. The smell of citrus helps the mind change its thought pattern from gloomy to gleeful and happier ones. Research has found out that citrusy smell changes brain wave patterns from negative to positive.

Relaxing Ambiance

Creating a relaxing ambiance and disposition is essential in falling and achieving deep sleep. There are several essential oils that can set the mood for a relaxed bedroom. Earth Vibes Essential Oil and Earth Vibes Rosemary Essential Oil are two of the most popular essential oils known for its calming qualities and makes it a perfect aid for restful sleep. 

Ways To Use Essential Oils in Aromatherapy


Potpourri Bowl

 A potpourri is a mixture of dried fragrant plant and herbs that are usually kept in a jar used to give off a pleasant smell into the room. To make your very own potpourri, purchase dried lavender leaves online or from a craft store. Place a cup of dried lavender leaves in a bag along with 3-4 drops of Earth Vibes Lavender Essential Oil. Seal the bag and leave it overnight. The next night, empty the bag into a bowl and place it on your bedside table. Enjoy the gentle scent of lavender dissipate all over the room as you lie down for sleep.

 Scented Sleep Mask

 If you are using a sleep mask to shut your eyes from the unwanted light, you might as well spray some relaxing scents on it. Purchase an essential oil bottle with spray top. Fill the body with distilled water, 2 drops of Earth Vibes Lavender Essential Oil and 1 drop of Earth Vibes Lemon Essential Oil. Shake the bottle and spritz onto the sleep mask. Enjoy the scents as it helps you fall asleep.

 Room Diffuser

 Essential oil diffusers are the best and fastest way to distribute the scent in the room. They are designed to fill a room or the entire house with the pleasant smell of essential oils. You can choose to place one or a combination of your favorite essential oils. To get rejuvenating sleep every night, place 3-4 drops of one, two or combination of the following: Earth Vibes Lavender essential oil, Earth Vibes Rosemary essential oil, Earth Vibes Lemon essential oil, Bergamot essential oil.

 Linen Spray and Laundry Scent

 You can also spray your pillows, blankets, and bedsheets with lavender and bergamot essential oils to help you fall asleep faster and deeper. When doing your laundry, essential oils can also be added to give you that scent on your clothes especially your sleepwear. Before tossing down your nightgowns or pajamas in the dryer, get a dry washcloth and place 3-4 drops of lavender on it. Place it in the dryer cycle together with your sleepwear and let the scent transfer to your nightgowns and pajamas.


You can try these aromatherapy methods to get that well deserved night’s rest that will give you a fresh and revitalized feeling upon waking up in the morning. These methods are beneficial to people suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders or if you just want to achieve that deep sleep you may be missing out for quite some time. 

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