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5 Daily Habits To Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Everybody wants to look fresh and young. Men and women strive to keep themselves looking and feeling healthy. But due to unhealthy practices, incorrect nutrition and environmental factors; maintaining healthy, glowing, and young-looking skin has become a challenge to many.  There are many regimens and products that have been proven to effectively help your skin maintain it's youthfulness but if only you're committed to making it a daily habit. Keep reading to learn more about the 5 Effective Daily Habits you need to keep your skin looking young and fresh all the time.


Doctors and dermatologists are always reminding their patients, and the public in general, of the importance of proper hydration to the body and what it does to the skin. Drinking that 8 glasses (or more) of water daily will do miracles for your skin and your body. Water is the key element by which toxins and other harmful substances inside the body are be eliminated and detoxified out of the body. Use your mobile phone as alarm if you have a difficult time remembering to drink one glass of water at least every 2 hours.  Set an alarm reminder every 2 hours until you finally develop that drinking habit. Also, keeping a bottle of water at bedside will prompt you to drink up upon waking up and will jumpstart your bodily functions to get ready for the day. Use beauty products that keep the moisture locked in your skin. Earth Vibes Hyaluronic Acid Serum has been scientifically proven to help your skin retain its moisture content preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



A good night’s sleep gives your body a refreshing reboot upon waking up. During the time you spend sleeping, your body works at it's peak in repairing and cleansing all of your organs from harmful radicals that you have taken in during the day. What it does to your skin is undeniably important. Have you noticed dry and dull skin when you have no sleep? That is because sleep is your ultimate detox process where the body releases the lymphocytes or the body’s “cleaners” to clean whatever is not good for your system. Because of so many distractions in the world today, achieving a good night’s sleep has also been a bit challenging. Practice the habit of sleeping the same time everyday and getting offline at least 1 hour before your set bedtime. You can incorporate aromatherapy using Earth Vibes Lavender Essential Oils to help you calm down during bedtime.



 Physical activity also helps eliminate toxins in the body that causes skin aging. When you develop the habit of working out daily or at least 3x a week for starters, you increase the blood flow to your muscles, organs and skin. Increasing the blood flow to the different parts of your body greatly helps in delivering nutrients to those parts while expelling the unwanted substances that may have been lodged in your system. You need to be very consistent in your efforts because it can become very challenging. You can enroll in the gym and ask for personal workout program or you can start by brisk walking 30 minutes daily increasing intensity as the weeks pass. There are many workout videos online that you can also imitate at home. It just takes discipline to keep going.



 No matter how much effort you put into exercise, hydration and sleep, if you don’t eat right, eat well and eat healthy, all your efforts will be put to waste. What you ingest or put into your body may affect 70% of your health status, body weight and skin condition. You must stop feeding yourself processed foods or commonly known as “junk” foods. There’s a reason they are called “junk”. Instead, nourish your body with the good old veggies and fruits. You can get protein from fish and chicken. If you can eliminate other meats such as pork and beef in your diet, that would be very helpful as it helps unload the work in your liver. Stick to freshly squeezed juices and avoid sugary drinks. Artificial sugars found in commercial drinks have been found to cause premature ageing of the skin too. Start by eating at least one fruit every day. When you are tempted to munch some junk food, drink some water, it could be that your body is just thirsty and has mistaken thirst for hunger. Every meal, you must keep choosing what’s healthy over what’s convenient.

Also, smoking has been proven to trigger all sorts of bodily ailments. Don’t ever think about starting smoking or if you have been smoking, you seriously start to taper out your habit. Smoking can drastically make your skin look dull, dry and old because cigarettes and vapes contain chemicals that contribute to skin damage and inhaling them into the body will allow these chemicals to penetrate your bodily functions.



Other factor that may affect the youthfulness of your skin also includes the choice of beauty products you use on your skin.  Using the right beauty products is also one of the best ways to keep your skin looking young and vibrant.

Daytime Skin Regimen

You probably have heard about how the UV rays of the sun affect the vitality of your skin. It has been studied and proven over the years that exposure to sunlight on certain times of the day will cause premature aging of the skin. This is the reason why dermatologists recommend using UV blocking creams and lotions before going out of the house. Protective gears such as wide brimmed hats, face covers, UV shielding umbrellas may also help in reducing UV exposure.


Nighttime Skin Regimen

It is equally important to keep your skin clean before bedtime. With your exposure to dirt, pollution and other environmental elements during the day, the need for nightly cleansing, toning and moisturizing will greatly improve the health status of your skin. In order to achieve that optimal skin health, keep it a habit to incorporate Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid into your beauty arsenals. Vitamin E oils or supplement helps nourish the skin and helps prevent wrinkles on the skin. Apply Vit. E oils before applying your moisturizer. Another essential skin vitamin is the Vitamin C. It keeps the skin elasticity intact by helping the skin produce more collagen. It is the collagen present in the skin that keeps it toned, elastic and vibrant. The thing with collagen is that as the skin ages, collagen production also decreases causing sagging of skin, appearance of fine lines and creases. In addition to the skin vitamins, the substance called Hyaluronic Acid is also the key to keep your skin moisture intact. Moisture content in the skin is one factor that keeps your skin young and vital. Apply Earth Vibes Vitamin C Serum and Earth Vibes Hyaluronic Acid Serum in the morning and at night before sleeping that will also serve as your day and night moisturizer.

Developing new habits to maintain your youthfulness may be difficult to do at the beginning but if you take one day at a time as it arrives, just keep choosing to do these 5 habits and you will eventually get used to it. It usually takes about 3 weeks for you to notice improvements in your body and skin. There will be times you feel challenged in following through these habits but it is these difficult times that you should remember why you are doing these things. Your future self will thank you for keeping these habits starting now.


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