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Most Neglected Beauty Secrets That Actually Work

Every day, there seems to be new information in magazines, tv shows, blogs, and the internet on new beauty routines and products try. There are endless tips and lists on how to keep your skin, hair, nails and overall total health always on its prime condition and at its most beautiful. The overload of information can be a little stressful, so we broke down some of the most neglected beauty secrets that actually work effectively:

1. Jojoba Oil: The Natural Solution To Skin Dryness.

There are certain times of the year that the weather and air becomes drier. The changes in weather may also cause changes in your skin and hair making them dry and dull. Of course, the quick fix to dry skin and hair is applying skin creams and hair conditioners. But adding Jojoba oil to your lotion and conditioner can boost moisture for your skin and hair.

Jojoba oil is often extracted in its organic, refined form. Mix into your regular creams and lotions to achieve that extra hydration. It is classified as non-comedogenic oil that prevents clogging your skin pores. So that when you have problems with blackhead and whiteheads, it doesn't aggravate the problem instead assists in hydrating your skin. In a few days time, you will notice a much softer skin and even skin tone.

 2. Hydrating your Face and Neck.

Most people apply hydration products only to their face and often skipping the neck area. You must remember that your face and neck are the parts of your body that are most susceptible to skin aging because of its daily exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Taking care of your face as well as your neck would slash off 10 years from your appearance.

Try applying Earth Vibes Hyaluronic Acid to your face and neck daily to keep it firm and hydrated all day long. Complement it with skin-repairing ingredient present in Earth Vibes Vitamin C Serum and Retinol Serum to prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Exfoliate with Earth Vibes Dead Sea Mud Mask at least once a week for complete and total rejuvenation of the skin.

3. Taking Care of Your Hands.

There is a saying that goes “Beautiful Hands are those that work.” It is true since your hands will do most of the work you need to get done daily.  If you neglect taking care of your hands especially the skin the skin surrounding it, you will be surprised one day to see how your hands have become wrinkly, rough and dull. It is equally important to hydrate and moisturize your hands since it is also very much exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun on a day to day basis. What you apply on your face and neck should also be applied to your hands concentrating on the skin at the back of your hands. Skin aging in this area will start to show when you are in your 30's and will keep on progressing if you don't do something about it. Dark brown spots also known as age spots will start to appear sooner when you don't hydrate and moisturize your hands.

4. Do-It-Yourself Makeup Foundation.

As the climate change and seasons begin to transition so does the skin tone and hues of most people. On summer months, most people tend to get darker skin tone while during winter months, people get that pale, pasty skin tone. In these cases, you will need to have different makeup foundation every time the season changes. The tried and tested way of achieving that flawless look at any season is to invest in 3 kinds of foundation. First, you need to have that “typical” skin tone color that you normally have. Then, buy 2 shades of foundation – one lighter and one darker. Lastly, purchase a few plastic containers with lids to put in your DIY foundation.

 When you start noticing you skin tone getting lighter, mix your typical foundation with the lighter shade foundation and apply evenly on your skin. When warmer months arrive and your skin starts to darken, mix the typical foundation with the darker shade foundation and start blending on your skin. In this method, you will skip spending on different makeup foundation every time your skin tone changes.

5. Highlight Your Wrinkles.

You read it right! Most people will hide and conceal their fine lines and wrinkles when applying makeup. But the tried and tested way to keep your wrinkles at bay is to put highlights on it.

 Find a cream-based highlighter and touch up some cream on the wrinkles and fine lines. The highlighter must be shimmery and appear lighter than your skin color. The trick is that the highlighter makeup will deflect light from the wrinkle making it appear smooth. This will create an illusion of a wrinkle-free skin. Nonetheless, makeup highlighter is just the quick fix, to restore your skin to its youthfulness, use Earth Vibes Hydrating and Anti-Aging Trio Set to fix your skin aging problems.


These are some of the most overlooked and neglected beauty regimens that actually still work at the present. You just need to remember to practice it daily to see visible results in just a few days. Taking care of yourself now will reap you benefits in the future. Your older self will thank you for following a skin care regimen that truly works. Try for yourself today and see how they work for you!

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