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Essential Oils vs Facial Creams for Skin Care

Keeping your skin ageless and spotless requires the commitment to practicing your skin care regimen daily. If you are just starting out with your skin care routine, there are three things you need to have: a skin cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. These three things are the most basic. Now, when choosing which products to buy, that’s entirely dependent on the type of skin you have and what skin problem you want to resolve. There are thousands of products that promise to prevent skin aging and keep your skin hydrated. There are also Essential Oils that work wonders.

Essential Oils That Are Great For Skin

The popularity of essential oils is rising by the minute. If you go to the malls you can distinctly smell pleasant aromas from humidifiers placed in shops and boutiques. As much as it is used in aromatherapy, essential oils are also widely used in maintaining great skin. The presence of natural compounds responsible for its aroma and therapeutic properties make essential oils the best fit to do the job of clearing out skin problems and preventing more problems from developing. The following essential oils have been proven to have positive effects when applied to the skin.

  • To reduce skin scars and skin aging, use Carrot Seed Essential Oil. It has a rejuvenating effect and assists in cell regeneration that helps reduce scars and maintain youthful glowing skin.
  • To fight acne, pimples, premature skin aging, and other skin blemishes, use Earth Vibes Lavender Essential Oil, Earth Vibes Tea Tree Essential Oil and Earth Vibes Frankincense Essential oil. Use with a carrier oil for sensitive skin types. These essential oils have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the swelling of acne or pimples. They help regenerate cells that would be beneficial for wound healing. They also assist in regulating oil production of the skin that will result in preventing future breakouts. You can use one kind or a combination of these oils.
  • To enjoy the scent as well as the benefits you get for a beautiful skin, mix a few drops into your regular lotion or into your bathtub before soaking in.

Always use carrier oil along with any of the essential oils. Because of their concentration and potency, some people may react differently to an essential oil topical application. The most widely used carrier oils are Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil. Apply your favorite essential oil in a carrier oil at least twice a day – one in the morning after you shower and one at night before you go to bed for noticeable effect in a few days time.

Facial Creams

Facial creams are designed to match the acidity level of most types of skin. Since the face is the most subjected to harsh environmental factors, it is necessary to take extra care with your facial skin. Synthetic face creams are bombarded with laboratory-made chemicals that may result in more skin problems with long-term use. Face creams are thicker than lotions because they are made to hydrate the facial skin and protect it from damaging factors. There are day and night face creams. They act as a moisturizer in one. They have UV rays protectants that shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. With the technology today, manufacturers have developed newer face creams that contain powerful anti-aging, anti-acne, and anti-blemish properties in one bottle. Some have incorporated natural plant extracts to give it an extra boost when it comes to its effectivity. You must apply face creams on a newly washed and patted dry face. You must allow a few minutes to let it completely dry out before you apply makeup and other beauty products.

Which is better to use: Essential Oils or Facial Creams?

There is no fool-proof way to test which product is best for you. You have to try it for yourself. There are people whose skin reacts negatively to synthetic creams while there are people who opt for more natural beauty products. You have to allow yourself a little experimentation. You have to identify your skin type and skin problem first and what you hope to achieve for your skin. There are endless options in the market. If natural essential oils work for you then you just hit the jackpot. The more natural and organic the compounds are in your beauty routine, the better. Products containing natural properties are most beneficial because they do not pose a threat of chemical side effects to the body. You can start by purchasing a test kit or a small bottle of face cream and try it out for a week then on the following week, purchase a test kit of essential oil and try it out for another week. Find out for yourself which is gives more improved results on your skin. You can usually notice progress on your skin about the third day of continued application.

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