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10 Amazing Reasons To Buy An Essential Oil Diffuser

In a world of hustle and bustle, people barely take time to stop and smell the flowers like they used to. It seems like work and technology have gotten the top priority in people’s lives. A busy life is now the normal life. Sometimes, the fast-paced world could become increasingly overwhelming and make you neglect your psychological and physical well-being. Coupled with harsh environmental conditions, this will eventually lead to decrease in cognitive functions, weakened immune system and onset of various bodily aches and illnesses.

Most people will immediately seek medical treatments for bodily ailments. As for others, they believe that nature offers the best cure for illnesses without the side effects of artificial substances being introduced into the body. There are a lot of natural methods to apply to your daily life that could deliver a positive impact on your health. One of the most effective ways to reduce bodily infirmities is using essential oil diffuser. 

What is an essential oil diffuser and what does it do?

An essential oil diffuser is a device that is used in the practice of aromatherapy. The practice of aromatherapy is believed to have a direct impact on the improvement of a person’s well-being.  The substances or oils extracted from plants, also known as essential oils, are released into the air through the diffuser.  The person who inhales these plant molecules may experience a relief from body aches and sicknesses. The diffuser releases water and essential oils into the air to alter the humidity of the air making it more conducive to breathing effortlessly.

Reasons Why You Should Buy An Essential Oil Diffuser

For the natural living practitioner, they already know the essence of aromatherapy. If you haven’t bought a diffuser for your home yet, here are ten amazing reasons that you should get an essential oil diffuser for your home.

1.  Helps Improve Sleep & Relaxation

The effects of sleep deprivation expand from your cognitive function to the overall state of your health. When you lack sufficient number and quality of sleep, you experience short memory retention, irritability, negativity, unhappiness, depression, low energy, lack of motivation, weight gain and other associated health issues. The use of essential oil diffuser in your bedroom creates a calm atmosphere and will contribute to relaxing and soothing your nerves.

 2.  Helps Elevate Your Mood

When essential oils are released into the air, their microscopic substances affect directly on your nerves and hormones. Certain plant extracts elevate your mood and may reverse feelings of depression. You may experience a state of calm and bliss upon smelling sweet fragrances that essential oils release. Recommended essential oils that can lift your mood are Vanilla, Scotch pine, Rose, Jasmine, Sweet Orange, and Sandalwood. Place a few drops of one or a combination of these oils into the essential oil diffuser to experience its effectiveness.

3.  Helps Relieve Aches & Pain

If you are experiencing fatigued muscle, headache, recurring pain, and sore joints, the best essential oils that aid in reducing inflammation on these body parts are ginger, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, bergamot and clary sage. You can apply a few drops of one or two of these essential oils into the essential oil diffuser to begin the healing of bodily aches. 


4.  Helps Improve Memory & Concentration

Do you have a hard time focusing on your tasks or remembering information you just learned? A stressed body and mind will usually result in poor memory and concentration. This could greatly affect your productivity at work.  To help enhance memory recall and aid in increasing mind concentration, mix a few drops of any of the following essential oils - peppermint, lemon, lime, and eucalyptus into an essential oil diffuser and gradually start to feel more attuned to your tasks at hand. 


 5.  Helps Clear Airways & Restores Breathing 

A cough and colds are very uncomfortable illnesses to have. A dry air conditioner can also lead to croup during the winter season. To assist clear clogged nose and improve breathing, incorporate a few drops of the recommended oils into an essential oil diffuser to help reduce inflammation and congestion of airways making you breathe easily.


 6.  Helps Kill Bacteria & Viruses

Essential oils have antimicrobial and antiviral properties that combat harmful pathogens present in the air that you breathe. Place an essential oil diffuser in your home, bedroom or office to help keep the air healthy and fresh smelling with reduced microbes that may enter your body. The compounds present in the oil may help strengthen the immune system as well.


7.  Helps Repel Insects, Bugs & Ants

If flying and crawling insects pester your home, the best way to rid your house of these pests is with the use of an essential oil diffuser. Use the oils of lemongrass, clove, citronella, cedarwood, and rosemary to help eradicate insects out of your home.


 8.  Helps Refresh The Atmosphere In The Room

Aside from sanitizing the air that you breathe, the humidity changes as the essential oil diffuser also release mist to freshen up the atmosphere in the room. It is best to use wintergreen, peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils, especially during hot summer months to give you that cool and chill feeling.

 9.  Helps Increase Exercise Tolerance

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Sports and Psychology, athletes run faster, perform more push-ups and have stronger grip after smelling peppermint. Put a few drops of peppermint oil into your essential oil diffuser and place it near your workout area in your home or inhale some diffused peppermint before hitting the gym.


10.  Helps Improve Your Finances

Yes, investing in an essential oil diffuser can actually save you tons of money in the long run. With all benefits you are getting in one product, you will save lots of money (and potentially your health) by avoiding purchasing harmful sprays to freshen up the air or combat insects. You can also potentially save yourself from visiting the doctor with all the benefits an essential oil diffuser carries. You will have lesser spending on pain medications. As for work productivity, you will accomplish more as you tend to concentrate better on the tasks at hand. You will feel better when relaxing at home and ready for the next day’s hurdles.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite essential oil diffuser right now and get free shipping for a limited time!

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