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A Quick Guide to Using Argan Oil for Stunning Hair

A Quick Guide to Using Argan Oil for Stunning Hair

The earliest known use of Argan oil has been dated since 600 BC. This miracle oil comes from the kernel seeds of the Argan fruit tree native to Morocco. It is considered miracle oil because of its load full of vitamins and essential acids good for the skin and hair. It is found to contain vitamins A, C, and E as well as antioxidants, linoleic acids, and omega-6 fatty acids. The natives of Morocco press the nuts to extract the argan oil and apply as a healing balm for wounds, dietary supplement and skin and hair nourishment. It is believed to reverse skin aging providing moisture to dry skin. Argan oil is also a popular ingredient in shampoos and conditioner as it helps the hair and scalp maintain its vitality and strength.

The Uses of Argan Oil in Treating Hair and Scalp Problems

Shampooing your hair daily is considered a hygienic habit. But the downside of using commercial shampoo frequently is that it is made up of synthetic substances that strip off the hair of its natural oils and leave it coarse and dry. Other shampoos have strong ingredients that even irritate the scalp resulting to flakes and dandruff.

Hair Thinning and Hair Loss

Argan oil is often used in hair treatments because it is rich in Vitamin E which is beneficial for hair and scalp wellness. The presence of Vitamin E promotes healthy hair growth, while the presences of antioxidant properties boost cells and encourage hair regrowth. If you are suffering from thin hair or hair loss, the perfect remedy is to use Earth Vibes Argan Oil Hair Loss & Shampoo Conditioner Set. This shampoo and conditioner set is made of natural argan oil designed to address the problem of hair loss and hair thinning. In addition, using Earth Vibes Argan Oil Hair Loss Conditioner will leave your hair moisturized from its roots to tips while also simultaneously treating dry, flaky scalp and split hair ends. Hair is stimulated to grow thicker with continued use of the shampoo and conditioner. Use like your regular shampoo.

Dry, Flaky, Dandruff Scalp

Because of its moisturizing effect, Argan oil soothes the dry irritated scalp. It helps reduce the appearance of flakes and restore the hair’s softness, shine and strength of hair. It may also help in restoring the hair’s vitality after the damages caused by chemical coloring, heat applications, and synthetic hair dyes. To maximize the effects of Argan oil, it is best to use Earth Vibes Argan Oil Hair Mask. Use an ample amount of this hair mask and massage thoroughly onto hair. Wrap your hair with a towel to prevent staining your pillow and leave it overnight. Upon waking up, shampoo your hair using Earth Vibes Argan Oil Shampoo Paraben, Sulfate & Cruelty-Free to complement best outcomes. Use the hair mask at least once a week treatment for optimum results.

Tangled Hair

    Dry, coarse, and frizzy hair will almost always result to tangled hair. To detangle your hair, massage a few drops of Earth Vibes Hair Detangler Spray Leave-In Conditioner onto your hair to achieve that stunning hairstyle once more. This leave-on conditioner prolongs and intensifies the beneficial effects on the hair. Contrary to most oil characteristics, Argan oil has no lingering scent. It is also not greasy making it easily absorbed on scalp and skin. Use when necessary.

Other Benefits of Using Argan Oil as Hair Treatment

Aside from the abundant benefits mentioned previously, there are more other benefits that you need to know when using argan oil on hair.

-    Protects the hair from damage. Are you fond of blow drying your hair, perming or curling them? Getting a suntan soon? Or going for a swim in a swimming pool? Your hair will be exposed to a lot of heat and chemicals doing these activities. Heat application on hair contributes to hair damage and brittleness as well as applying or exposing chemicals to it such as the chemicals present in swimming pools. Before getting your hair done or swimming in the pool, massage enough Earth Vibes Hair Detangler Spray Leave-In Conditioner onto your hair to protect it from extreme heat and chemical damages.

-    Gives the hair that healthy shine and fuller look. Everyone desires to have a healthy and shinier hair; applying argan oil hair treatment will do wonders to your hair with tons of vitamins and essential acids present in argan oil. It helps tame frizzy hair, treats split ends and curbs flyaway hair.

-    Helps style the hair accordingly. If you want to style your hair effortlessly, apply the leave on Argan oil conditioner and style away as you please. This will make your hair more manageable minus the greasy feel. It also adds volume to the hair.

-    Prevents hair fall. Do you suffer from excessive hair loss due to brittle hair? The normal hair loss is around 50 to 100 strands a day. But when you notice a clump of hair falling, it can be a sign of brittle hair. Argan oil has a way of strengthening the hair. This prevents unnecessary hair fall due to breakage. Using this shampoo will stimulate a thicker growth of hair.

When choosing hair products with argan oil ingredients, make sure you are choosing the most naturally made merchandises. Read the labels especially the contents indicated. Always choose 100% natural argan oil. Earth Vibes Natural Argan Oil Hair Treatment set is made from paraben-free, cruelty-free and sulfate-free processes to give you the most natural shampoo, conditioner and hair mask you deserve.

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