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The 8 Best Essential Oils & How To Use Them

Essential oils are more than just for aromatherapy. These all-natural, calming products are so powerful that people and experts found hundreds of ways to use them – in health improvement as well as household purposes. If you are new to essential oils, here’s a comprehensive guide that will walk you through the benefits and many uses of essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oil


Earth Vibes Lavender Essential Oil


Dealing with stress or sleepless nights? Lavender essential oil is your all-in-one solution. Dilute lavender oil with the carrier oil of your choice. Put a few drops on your palm and apply on the sides of the neck while breathing in deeply. Alternatively, you can mix 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil with your warm water-and-soap solution and dip yourself into it. Lavender is a wonder essential oil that not only relaxes, but also promotes complete and restful sleep.

Got itching, insect bites, burns, or sunburns? Put 1-3 drops on lavender essential oil to the affected area. This will reduce the pain, swelling, itching, and blistering. Reapply when necessary. Make sure to apply as immediately as possible to maximize the calming and healing effects of lavender.


Sweet Orange Essential Oil


Earth Vibes Sweet Orange Essential Oil


Strengthen your immune system by mixing 1-2 drops of sweet orange oil to your drinking water daily. With stronger resistance, your body will be able to ward off viruses that cause colds and flu. To get the best results, drink your sweet orange-infused water with your favorite vitamin C supplement.

Mouth ulcers are tiny but painful and may take a few weeks to heal. A drop of sweet orange oil applied to the affected spot will help it heal more quickly. Put a drop of sweet orange as frequently as possible for faster results.

Sweet orange oil facilitates production of collagen into the skin. It also helps improve blood circulation, skin tone and texture, as well as detoxify the body. A drop of sweet orange oil into your moisturizer or toner will slow down aging and improve skin appearance with regular application.


Peppermint Essential Oil


Earth Vibes Peppermint Essential Oil


Hot flashes can be a bothersome experience. Cool yourself off with a drop of peppermint oil, applied on the collarbones, back of your neck, or base of your skull. Breathe in and enjoy its cooling, calming effect.

Driving on a long trip? Pack a bottle of peppermint oil. It brings the nervous system to life, keeping the brain alert for long hours of the day. It’s like coffee but better and without the jitters! Simply add a few drops of peppermint oil to a spray bottle full of water and spray a few spritzes on your top to keep your mind and thoughts clear.

Got allergies or muscle pains? Peppermint oil can help. To use, dilute the oil, mixing a drop or two with the carrier oil of your choice (almond, coconut, or jojoba oil). For allergies, grab a diffuser, pour in the mixture, and inhale to reduce your symptoms. For muscle pain, simply rub the peppermint oil onto the sore muscles and joints for quick relief.


Rosemary Essential Oil


Earth Vibes Rosemary Essential Oil


Suffering from varicose veins? Rosemary oil has been known to help in improving blood circulation and reducing the appearance of varicose veins. In addition, it combats mental fatigue and promotes mental focus and clarity.

Rosemary oil can also help reduce scalp problems such as seborrhea and dandruff by regulating the secretion of oil in the scalp. It also helps in making hair grow faster.

Feeling stressed lately? Breathe in diluted rosemary oil to banish stress and calm your spirits. Rosemary essential oil has been shown to decrease cortisol levels, a hormone the body produces when you’re stressed.


Eucalyptus Essential Oil


 Earth Vibes Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Eucalyptus oil does its magic in repelling fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other annoying insects. Like lavender oil, it also helps relieve the sting and itch in the occurrence of an insect bite.

The oil is also an effective fever reducer. Do this by putting a drop or two of eucalyptus oil at the patient’s sides, chest, neck, and feet.

People with asthma and respiratory infection can also benefit from eucalyptus oil. Get instant relief by making a steam inhalant. Boil two cups of water, pour into a bowl, and let cool for 5 minutes. Put 1-2 drops of eucalyptus oil. Place the face of the patient over the bowl and let them gently inhale the steam for 2 minutes. This should clear up congested airways instantly.


Tea Tree Oil


Earth Vibes Tea Tree Essential Oil


Tea tree has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a potent remedy to inflamed skin such as in eczema and psoriasis. Dilute 1-2 drops of tea tree oil to a carrier oil of your choice. Apply to the inflamed area 2-3 times a day.

Want to give your deodorant an instant boost? Add a drop or two of tea tree oil to it. The oil has powerful antibacterial attributes so it will knock off the bacteria on your armpits.

Tea tree oil is also beneficial for your pets. It effectively repels fleas and ticks when applied properly. Simply dilute 1-2 drops with a carrier oil to clean gunk accumulated in your pet’s ears. To keep fleas and ticks at bay, simply put 1 drop on your pet’s bedding and let the oil be absorbed naturally.


Frankincense Oil


Earth Vibes Frankincense Essential Oil


Frankincense is best known as oil for meditation, as it promotes inner peace and spiritual awareness. The oil offers grounding, calming, and centering effect to the nervous system. Using a diffuser, diffuse the diluted oil throughout your room before meditation.

The oil is also good at respiratory support. It’s powerful in reducing discomforts of asthma, pneumonia, laryngitis, and bronchitis. Like above, simply diffuse it into the room to enjoy its benefits.


Lemongrass Oil


Earth Vibes Lemongrass Essential Oil


Lemongrass has long been used by people around the world making tea, cleaning products, and remedy for fever and gastrointestinal issues. The oil is known for its light, sweet, lemony-herb scent.

Lemongrass oil is a popular healing product due to its antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. You could also use it as an insect repellent at home.

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