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Earth Vibes Non Toxic Flea & Tick Collar For Cats (One Size Fits All)

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High Quality, Chemical- Free Protection Against Fleas, Ticks and Dust Mites

Earth Vibes Flea & Tick Collar is the best natural alternative to traditional chemical pest repellant collars. 

Our collars are adjustable, so one size fits all cats.


Why Earth Vibes Flea & Tick Collars: Our collars are the safe and non-toxic! Our formula is 100% free of the dangerous pesticides and harsh skin irritants.

  • 100% Natural, Chemical-Free Ingredients
  • Contains Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, and Almond Oil
  • Effective For Up to 8 Months!
  • Water Resistant
  • Pleasant Scent
  • Vet Recommended
Directions For Use:
Remove the collar from the plastic packing and unravel the collar. Place the collar around your cat's neck and insert the end of the collar through the buckle. Tighten the collar to the appropriate size. Leave about 2 fingers of space between the collar and your cat's neck. Cut off any excess of the collar.  


Active: Cedarwood Essential Oil 4.3%, Peppermint Essential Oil 4.3%
Inactive (91.4%): Almond Oil, Nylon, Zinc Stearate
Total: 100%
Collar may not be 100% effective on pets that were highly infested with pests before collar use. Individual results may vary and are dependent upon multiple factors like region, breed, and living conditions of the animal. 
Return Policy: 
The item must be unopened and still sealed in it's original packaging. Open and used items will not qualify for returns or refunds. 

1. Place collar around your cat's neck. Adjust for fit and buckle in place.

2. Allow the collar to be worn loosely to allow room for growth.